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Fehn Rigging
& Transfer

Your machinery, our expertise. We make machinery moving and rigging hassle-free for your business.

Fehn Rigging & Millwright Machinery Moving MN, ND, SD, IA & WI

Fehn Rigging
& Transfer

Your machinery, our expertise. We make machinery moving and rigging hassle-free for your business.

Fehn Rigging & Transfer | Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa & Wisconsin

Experience & Excellence You Can Depend On

Need to move heavy equipment? Work directly with our experienced team for worry-free, precise rigging customized just for you, delivering results that matter.

Rigging & Millwright services - MN, WI, IA, ND & SD

Not Just Moving, We’re 
Problem Solvers

Discover how our unique approach to machinery moving goes beyond just transporting equipment. We tackle challenges to keep your operations smooth and stress-free.

Professional Service

Customized Solutions

Safety as a Priority

Services We Provide

Discover our vast array of services, from expert machinery moving and rigging to efficient shop relocation and secure warehousing, we’ve got it covered!

Rigging & Machinery Moving

Moving heavy machinery is about precision, planning, and peace of mind. Our team will make sure everything is smoothly transitioned from point A to point B without a hitch.

Rigging & Millwright Services

We blend expertise with a personal approach, ensuring your project is handled with the utmost care from start to finish.

Core Drilling & Anchoring

We'll ensure every hole is drilled and every anchor set with pinpoint accuracy, supporting your project's foundation securely.

Shop Relocations

Our expert team handles every detail of your shop relocation, from carefully moving machinery to setting up your new space, ensuring a seamless transition.

Specialized Transportation

Whether it's oversized loads or delicate machinery, we've got the knowledge and equipment to ensure your items are transported safely and efficiently.

Our Gallery

Take a look at some of the rigging and machinery moving we've helped with.

Don’t Risk a Big Machine Mishap

Skipping professional rigging can lead to big problems. With Fehn Rigging & Transfer, you avoid the stress of drops and delays, keeping your gear and your schedule ready to go.

Fehn Rigging & transfer | Machinery moving services -
Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota & South Dakota

Why Choose Us for Rigging?

It's not just about moving things. Find out why businesses trust us for more than just transport - it's our dedication to safety and efficiency, as well as personal service that sets us apart.

Hands-on Expertise

Safety First Approach

Timely & Trustworthy

Rigging & Machinery moving in
Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota & South Dakota

Services We Offer

Find expert rigging and transport services that fit your project's needs, all with the precision and care Fehn Rigging & Transfer is known for.

Machinery Moving Solutions

When moving heavy machinery, every detail counts. Fehn Rigging & Transfer brings you the expertise to handle the heaviest loads with confidence, ensuring your operations continue without interruption.

Your Machine Installation Partners

We're here to make machine installations a breeze by carefully placing and leveling your equipment. We'll focus on getting everything in its right place so you're ready to go.

Precision Core Drilling & Anchoring

Ensure your heavy machinery stays exactly where it's meant to be with Fehn Rigging's core drilling and anchoring services. Experience unmatched stability for your operations.

Shop Relocation Services

Fehn Rigging & Transfer provides expert shop relocation services in the five state area of MN, ND, SD, IA & WI, focusing on safety, efficiency, and minimizing operational interruptions.

Specialized Transportation Solutions

Whether it's oversized equipment, large tanks, or anything uniquely challenging, Fehn Rigging & Transfer delivers expert transportation solutions that guarantee safe and efficient delivery.

Simplify and Declutter Your Site

Transform your cluttered site into a productive space with Fehn Rigging's expert removal services. We handle scrap machines, wood, and steel crating, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your team.

Warehouse Solutions for Heavy Equipment

Choose Fehn Rigging for warehouse services that ensure your machinery is stored safely and professionally, right here in central Minnesota.

Rigging & Machinery Moving services
Serving Minnesota, IowA, WIscnsin, North Dakota & SouTh Dakota

Your Trusted Partner in Rigging

Discover Fehn Rigging's commitment to unmatched precision, care, and a safety-first approach that sets us apart in delivering top-tier rigging services in Minnesota.

Precision in Every Move

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures your machinery is moved safely and positioned precisely, tailored to your unique specifications.

Family-Owned Dedication

Experience the difference of a family-run business that puts your needs first with a personal touch on every project.

Safety as Our Signature

For us, safety isn’t just a policy, it's our culture, ensuring peace of mind and reliability in all our rigging solutions.

Fehn Rigging Blog

All About Rigging & Machinery

Dive into the world of rigging and machinery movement with insights, tips, and stories on our blog.

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